Game Accessories

Hello! I am the eldritch entity that some of you have come to know as the Witch Doctor. My name is Seth, I’m 30 years old, and the only person behind the scenes here at Witch Doctor Dice. I’ve wanted to make a living as an artist since I was a little boy and because of all of you that dream became a reality. I'm so thankful for that so I decided it was time you finally met me! I live in Wisconsin and my companion in life is my faithful familiar Edward. I’ve always loved working with my hands but I developed an alcohol and drug addiction that prevented me from being able to do what I dreamed of and lasted for most of my twenties. This year I’ll celebrate 4 years of sobriety and without dicemaking and other forms of art I don’t think I would be able to say that. Once again thank you all so much for continuing to support me and my art!

about the logo

I thought long and hard about imagery associated with Witchdoctors throughout history and settled on a raven skull eventually. The original skull seen on my d20s was designed by Bree Ashkar of @breroseart on Instagram and the redesign that I currently use for branding was made by Brian Weiss of RPG & CO.